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{  Nature & Silence  }
25. 8. - 30. 8. 2024
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To achieve an effortless, captivating performance, musicians have to endure long hours of physical and mental effort, exhausting travel and high levels of psychological pressure. Some say that going on a stage in front of a hall full of people equals the experience of facing a hungry tiger in the jungle.


Dealing permanently with the highest calls of their artistic aspirations, musicians often forget that it is their body that they do the hard work with, often under difficult circumstances and in physically unnatural positions. Also the mind is restless, constantly reverberating with sounds and ideas. 


Always striving to give a valuable experience to their public, it is crucial for any artist to find time for grounding, purification and healthy life style - in order to remain sane and healthy and therefore continue offering genuine and inspiring moments.


The Podsreda Castle and it's wonderful surrounding nature offer a perfect scenery and space to retreat and regenerate. With the support of a few experienced practitioners of yoga and physical therapy, access to the Spas in the area, walks in the beautiful nature and access to locally grown, ecological food, the artists in residence shall experience a purifying and grounding time - to regenerate their reserves, reconnect with nature and enjoy a relaxing, fulfilling time together. 








Hiking in
natural park

Wine tasting in  wine caves 

Cooking classes of vegetarian dishes

“Kozjansko Natural Park is my home. Every time I come to this place, I recharge my batteries. It was always my dream to share this experience with my musician friends.
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Andrej Grilc

No phones, no computers, no TV, just nature
Meditation, Yoga, Hiking, Listening...
100%  Vegetarian food, local foods, Wine tasting, Cooking classes...
"Musician friendly", practice rooms, piano
Psychological counseling for classical musicians 
Making music together in the most relaxed way possible
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Sylvia Hurttia


I'm fascinated by combining music and yoga, the two central forces in my life. There are many ways in which the regular practice of yoga offers physical and mental benefits for musicians. It balances the physical body (strenght, flexibility, coordination), it relieves stress and anxiety, and it develops improved focus of the mind. During the retreat we will be focusing especially on the spine, shoulders, neck and arms. I teach two different styles of yoga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. In Vinyasa a continuous flow of movement is connected with the breath, whereas Hatha yoga includes longer holds of asanas. Breathing exercises and meditations will also be included in each yoga lesson.
Sylvia Hurttia is a certified yoga teacher with 200h YTT (Yoga Alliance). 

Valentina Grobelšek


People are on this earth for a reason - to make progress, both individually and together as one.
The belief, that there is an answer to every “why” is the driving force that keeps inspiring me to search and dive into every
field of alternative and personal progress.
The desire for knowledge and a firm decision to always be different is my guideline for change.
I am grateful to be able to remember who I am and share this insight with you.

Anastasia Starostina


As a passionate musician I set to complete my training as a psychosocial counselor in June of this year. I finished my degree in musicology where I especially put my focus into music psychology. My vision is to intertwine life counseling with music, specifically to fellow musicians. I truly believe in the powerful impact of music, my primary focus is on using it as a tool to dissolve limiting beliefs and obstacles on life's journey. In my upcoming role as a psychosocial counselor, I aspire to guide individuals through the process of self-discovery and growth, using the evocative power of music as a therapeutic medium. My mission is to unlock the inherent potential within each person, allowing them to overcome challenges and flourish on their unique life path.


Valentina Mattiussi:

Unforgettable Days. One of the most wholehearted inspiring experience of my life.
Having the chance to be fully immersed in the nature and feel it, I bethought myself the value of the authentic things, which helped me finding again the essential in life. For me, it was a true transformation process. 

Florian Willeinter:

I didn’t realize it first, but Slovenia was a total wake up call for me.
I noticed that there are a thousand things I do in my daily life, mainly concerning the use of my mobile phone, the computer, internet, but also concerning both my body and my soul, that are totally wrong and make me feel stressed and totally out of balance.
I started to do, step by step, very little changes: I don’t take my mobile phone to the toilet to check the news, I deleted all my mail programs from my mobile phone, I try to do office work only twice a week, I started eating almost no meat, and most important, I started to be more aware of my body and soul thanks to Yoga, which was definitely the biggest surprise for me and makes me feel already now much better.

Marie Orsini Rosenberg:

I feel calm and really refreshed from these days in Podsreda. I enjoyed listening to the concerts very much and also all the talks I had about making music and about life.
To see how much passion was spent in cooking the very special and delicious food was also great.
The Yoga sessions where really worth getting up early, after them I felt very good!

Sebastian Rappen:

What a week, what a group of beautiful people, what a gorgeous place to be,

what an amazing team in the kitchen and on stage(s) - so much love and serenity.
A time, full of honest and challenging discussions, full of encounters with others and oneself, a time full of mutual respect and trust in a group that measured in chronological means should be barely more than strangers to one another.
It probably was the week of my life that deserves to be called a truly holistic retreat - we had food warming from the inside, we had hikes, walks, massages, alexander, yoga and reiki - representing an entire spectrum of activities connecting body and mind and maybe even soul - and for those who were not yet touched by this, the wonderful music played in the hours between stars and candles opened the mind up and dissolved any anxiety.
I think it was a week that enriched many lives in many different meaningful ways. It definitely made me fall in love with the place and its surrounding with each and every one who was part of this!

Mariko Sudo:

Not having known exactly what to expect from a week being spent with completely new people in an unknown place of earth and without a schedule announced ahead, I got back absolutely overwhelmed and opened up with good feelings, sentiments and inspiration. It feels like this whole experience melted my inner core to a softer, warmer and more vulnerable one. Everyone really touched my heart and reached the bottom of it. I think I can even say that it all turned me to an even more loving and trusting person now. It was indeed magical.

I felt that the passion and dedication behind every thought and action was definitely translated into transformed love. The preparation of food, the caring for each and everyone's wellbeing, the treatments through wonderful people, the music making and the outside activities - in each and everything the devotion of doing good was manifested.



25. 8.  -  30. 8. 2024



Early-bird price till 31.5. : 750€ all inclusive

(accommodation, yoga, food, trips, coaches, massage)

Ways to Podsreda Castle

by shuttle from Vienna (ca. 4 h, cost around 35€),

or pick-up´s from Ljubljana and Zagreb airports.


Kulturverein Freilicht

Weyringergasse 28a, top7

1040 Wien, Austria


IBAN: AT03 2011 1845 8914 7900


Andrej Grilc 

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